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The Motyv Podcast

Shayden J. Bertagnolli MS LMFT Anxiety, Relationship, Addiction Specialist

Welcome to the Motyv Podcast, where we help you solve life's hardest problems. You want to be happy, but you also have very difficult problems in your life. Our mission is to help solve your life's most difficult problems using therapeutic principles. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, anxiety, addiction, and relationship expert, I'm tired of having solutions that only paying clients receive. It's time to share them. There's too much at stake for you to not take advantage of powerful life principles that will change your life.We believe you should be the hero of your life, that your defective self-beliefs are your greatest enemy, and the greatest Motyv in life is connection. We challenge you to become the hero of your life, or become even more heroic by listening and participating in the Motyv Mission. Join me and my amazing co-host Bri as we tackle and solve life's problems.

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